HookRSSTube is a service that replaces your YouTube subscriptions RSS feed with a nearly identical feed that redirects to HookTube. This means that you can catch up on your YouTube subscriptions from within your RSS reader and not be tracked or forced to watch ads.

The service works by implementing the same API as YouTube (i.e., accepting all GET requests of the form /feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=SOMETHING). When HookRSSTube receives a request, it makes a request to YouTube, changes the embedded links to point to HookTube, tweaks the formatting a bit, and returns the result to the client.

This service will be up for as long as it is reasonably maintainable and I can afford it. All code is available on Github. Pull requests are more than welcome.

Usage (batch conversion)

  1. Download your YouTube subscriptions as an OPML file. To do this, go to the YouTube Manage Subscriptions page, click Export Subscriptions at the bottom, and download the file.
  2. Upload the file (called subscription_manager.xml) here (if you're concerned about privacy, note that this subscription modification step is implemented entirely in Javascript and does not talk to any server)

  3. You will be prompted to download the modified file. The feeds have been modified to use HookRSSTube instead of YouTube.
  4. You're done! Now you can import the OPML file into your favorite RSS reader. Here are instructions on how to do this for Feedly, NewsBlur, and FeedBin.

Usage (single conversion)

  1. To convert a YouTube RSS feed into a HookRSSTube feed, first find the relevant feed URL. There is a guide to do that here.
  2. You will get a feed URL that looks something like this:
    Now simply change the hostname from to, so that it looks like
  3. You can take this URL and import the feed into your favorite RSS reader.


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